Diane Elliott

Life Design & Art

My experience has been built over fifteen years of coaching people from various walks of life - education, business, sports and entertainment, both in the UK and the USA. The coaching focuses on life orienteering & design.  It is calling to your creative self to design or re-design a blueprint for life built from your own specifications. This blueprint can be a way to create a business, improve relationships or heal from trauma. 

I wanted to add an extra element to the coaching, a skill to enable a person to access continuous change and creativity which they could return to and utilise when needed. After studying at Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles, I found producing artwork to be an anchor, an opportunity which anybody can use to keep creativity in their life.  

Everybody can learn to draw and to produce amazing artwork. This course will bring to life the artist which lives in all of us, creating artwork and creating solutions, designing the life you want. 


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Community Art Project

The students from The Aberdeen Green School had just finished their exams. They needed a brain break. 

David Newbat came to the school as a visitor instructor help the students rebalance and access their creativity. They set about producing a community piece of artwork. Beginning with a cave painting, they then white-washed out most of the images to make way for Egyptian art, then white-washed again to make way for Greek art. 

This method is to allow each layer of art to be overlaid by the next, mostly disappearing but leaving a unique imprint, just as in history. 

Working through the layers of art and history and ice cream

David also worked on the Greek art pieces with the students. 

Working outside was wonderful, our thanks to David.